5 - 6 February 2014 - The Crowne Plaza, NEC, BIRMINGHAM

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Efficient Water Distribution

Meeting Future Challenges

Faced with the tremendous challenges of climate change, population growth, increasing energy costs, ageing infrastructure, water loss and regulatory targets, water distribution managers are continually seeking new ways of delivering water to their customers in an efficient, effective and affordable way. Innovative solutions are needed which make best use of available data and resources.

This is one of a series of seminars organised by Watercourse Events Ltd to share ideas between the UK water industry and initiatives from the International Water Association (IWA). There have been three successful Water Loss UK seminars in 2005, 2009 and 2012 to transfer knowledge of water loss management between the UK and the international water community. The 2014 event will bring a wider perspective, addressing the issues that impact on efficient management of distribution networks.

The Efficient Water Distribution seminar will be chaired by Mary Ann Dickinson, CEO of the Alliance for Water Efficiency based in Chicago, USA. Mary Ann is the current chair of the IWA Efficient Urban Water Management Specialist Group.

The seminar will focus on the challenges - both now and in the future - facing operations managers and asset managers responsible for water distribution system.

What is the purpose of the seminar?

Delegates to Efficient Water Distribution will hear presentations from experts and practitioners on the current and emerging issues which could impact on water distribution system management in the UK.

The seminar on 6th February 2014 has been timed to take place after the IWA Efficient conference in Paris in October 2013, and before the IWA Water Loss 2014 conference in Vienna in April. It will update delegates on new developments from IWA and will bring together key speakers from the UK, Europe and beyond with the aim of:

  • Forecasting the future drivers for greater efficiency in water distribution
  • Outlining the work of the IWA Efficient Urban Water Management Specialist Group
  • Understanding how climate change impacts on the performance of the underground mains network
  • Considering the options for improving the efficiency of leakage control operations using a targeted approach based on better data, economics, practicalities and the need to meet regulatory targets
  • Maintaining serviceability of assets and meeting water quality standards while accepting an ageing and deteriorating infrastructure
  • Reducing energy costs and carbon footprint through pump efficiency measures, reducing friction head losses and energy harvesting
  • Looking at ways of measuring and encouraging efficiency and comparing performance 

Pre-Seminar Workshop, 5th February 2014: Efficiency through innovation

In conjunction with the Efficient Water Distribution seminar, the organisers have arranged a special half day workshop, sponsored by Bentley Systems Ltd, on the subject of applying new technology and process innovation to water distribution systems to improve operational efficiency and cost effectiveness of investment.

The workshop will include presentations from leading edge technology companies and experts with case study results from the UK and elsewhere in the world.

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